……………………..Limits are for governments.

A Good Question; and Merely a Question

“Long at her couch Death took his patient stand,

And menac’d oft, and oft withheld the blow:

To give Reflection time, with lenient art,

Each fond delusion from her soul to steal;

Teach her from Folly peaceably to part,

And wean her from a world she lov’d so well.

Say, are ye sure his mercy shall extend

To you so long a span?”

“Go wiser ye, that flutter life away,

Crown with the mantling juice the goblet high;

Weave the light dance, with festive freedom gay,

And live your moment, since the next ye die.

Yet know, vain sceptics, know, th’ Almighty mind,

Who breath’d on Man a portion of his fire,

Bade his free soul, by earth nor time confin’d,

To Heav’n, to immortality aspire.

Nor shall the pile of Hope, his Mercy rear’d,

By vain Philosophy be e’er destroy’d

Eternity, by all or wish’d or fear’d,

Shall be by or all suffer’d or enjoy’d.”

~William Mason

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