……………………..Limits are for governments.

Dr. Doofenschmurtz of Evil Inc. Unveils the Mountain-Out-of-a-Molehill-inator; Plans to Take Over the Entire Tri-State Area

In this episode, Dr. Doofenschmurtz creates a machine which greatly expands molehill molecules in order to create mountains. As a child, Dr. Doof was told one too many times, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill!”
“Well now, I intend to do JUST THAT!” he announces.

(from 3:40 to 4:45)

Comment: There is an interesting discussion on WUWT today on the success rates of forecasts made by complex global climate models (Global Circulation Models). These are compared with the success rates of simple “random walk” models, and it is shown that random walk methods outperformed global climate model forecasts. Since outputs from computer models are constantly presented as compelling confirmation that manmade greenhouse gases are causing rising temperatures, it is encouraging to read that this audit of the models was carried out.

Climate models outperformed by random walks

WUWT provides the interesting paper which discusses the GCMs and recommends adding on some simple numerical forecasting to remedy their abysmal performance.  Or, as climate scientists mothers should be saying, “Don’t make a mountain out of a molehill-inator.”

*      *     *

PS. Some may not appreciate the whimsy of the analogy drawn in the post between Dr. Doof and the prevalent use of computer models in science. Nevertheless, “Phineas and Ferb” is an interesting children’s cartoon for many reasons. It is positive and upbeat, faster than Bugs Bunny, more creative than Nick Jr by Astronomical Units, and is generally a lot of fun. Children should watch it! Every evil scientist has a sweet, undercover, unknown nemesis, or “agent,” who also doubles as a family pet. Also, each character has a wonderfully complex and intense interior life, which is unknown to the others, but they intersect at perfect times.

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