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Snow Crystals

Wilson A. Bentley (1865-1931)

“Snow, the beautiful snow, as the raptured poet sang, winter’s spotless and downy blanket for forest and field, has ever challenged pen to describe, and brush to paint, its marvelous mass effects.

Nor is the aesthetic urge of its very tiniest flake or smallest crystal that gently floats from heaven to earth any less compelling. It is even more insistent – doubly more – for it not only quickens that response to the dainty and the exquisite that makes us human, but equally arouses our desire to understand, our curiosity to know, the how and the why of this purest gem of surpassing beauty and of a myriad myriad forms.

But it is so tiny, so fragile, and so evanescent save in the coldest of weather, that few, very few indeed, have come to know the snow crystal at first hand.

All the rest of us must get our knowledge of this endless gallery of Nature’s design through the careful drawings and faithful photographs, microphotographs, by that devoted few whose enthusiasm never wanes and whose patience never tires.”

~W.J. Humphrey

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