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The Gift of Fire to Mankind: A Mythical Study on the Spiritual Significance of Coal, Part 3

Introduction: We follow the Greek myth of Prometheus the Titan, who directly questions Zeus about keeping man in darkness and refusing to give him the gift of fire. After the divine conversation, Prometheus is restless; he decides to help mortals against Zeus’ will, and rises early to touch his reed to the sunrise. He gives fire to man, instructing him of its dangers and teaching him how to use it.

“Then, one day, Zeus looked down from the mountain and was amazed. Everything had changed. Man had come out of his cave. Zeus saw woodsman’s huts, farmhouses, villages, walled towns, even a castle or two. He saw men cooking their food, carrying torches to light their way at night. He saw forges blazing, men beating out ploughs, keels, swords, spears. They were making ships and raising white wings of sails and daring to use the fury of the winds for their journeys. They were wearing helmets, riding out in chariots…like the gods themselves.

Zeus was full of rage. He seized his largest thunderbolt. ‘So they want fire,’ he said to himself. ‘I’ll give them fire-…I’ll turn their miserable ball of earth into a cinder.’ But then another thought came to him, and he lowered his arm. ‘No,’ he said to himself….”

Prometheus the friend of man.

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