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Communication and Mind Formation

“In individuals who learned to communicate with ASL [American Sign Language] early on, the left hemisphere centers that ususally mediate ‘spoken’ language subsumed this role for the manually based visual language.

However, in normal hearing adults who learned ASL after adolescence, the left hemisphere did not subsume this role.

These studies suggest that the brain is capable of devoting its circutitry to alternative sensory modes depending on stimulus input, and that the timing of exposure to stimuli has a direct influence on how ‘plastic’ the brain is in adapting its circuitry.

We can further propose that the social nature of information processing [bonds, attachments] – the form in which interpersonal communication takes place – may be an important determinant in brain differentiation.

Could it be that forms of emotioonal communication – or the lack of them – that involve nonverbal aspects of communication can also directly shape brain development in these lateralized ways by experience dependent developmental processes as well? Future studies will need to explore this possibility.”

~Daniel J Spiegel

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