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Singing Ligands, Attuned DNA

Introduction: We continue to look at the direct physical link between our thoughts and our bodies. We have talked about the peptides produced in the brain, which enter the bloodstream, and travel to the organs, tissues, and cells. At the surface of the cell, there are proteins which match the type of peptide precisely, called “receptors.”  Get a cup of coffee or tea, and enjoy this description of what happens next, from the book Molecules of Emotion, by Candace Pert.

“Though a key fitting into a lock is the standard image, a more dynamic description of this process might be two voices – ligand and receptor – striking the same note and producing a vibration that rings a doorbell to open the doorway to the cell.

What happens next is quite amazing.

The receptor, having received a message, transmits it from the surface of the cell deep into the cell’s interior, where the message can change the state of the cell dramatically.

A chain reaction of biochemical events is initiated as tiny machines roar into action and, directed by the message of the ligand, begin any number of activities – manufacturing new proteins, making decisions about cell division, opening or closing ion channels, adding or subtracting energetic chemical groups like the phosphates – to name just a few.

In short, the life of a cell, what it is up to at any moment, is determined by which receptors ar on its surface, and whether those receptors are occupied by ligands or not. On a more global scale, these minute physiological phenomena at the cellular level can translate to large changes in behavior, physical activity, even mood.”

~Candace Pert



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