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The Chemical Reality of Our Habitual Mental States


“The most basic, baseline information we need to remember is this:  every time we fire a thought in our brain, we make

"Adrenaline Rising" by Martin Eichinger

chemicals which produce feelings and other reactions in the body. Our body grows accustomed to the level of chemicals coursing through our bloodstream surrounding our cells, and bathing our brain. Any interruption in the regular, consistent, and comfortable level of our body’s chemical makeup will result in discomfort….

Thus whenever we have a thought, neurotransmitters are at work in the synaptic space, firing the neural nets connected to that particular concept or memory. Any memory has an emotional component attached to it, which the peptides reproduce chemically. As we have learned…the hypothalamus manufactures a host of different peptides.”

~Joe Dispenza

Comment: We continue to look at the powerful physical link between the thoughts in our minds and every cell in our body, through chemicals called peptides, or ligands. The central idea in Joe Dispenza’s book excellent book, Evolve Your Brain, is that we are able to direct and change our emotions, responses, and behaviors in order to attain goals we set consciously; however, our brain’s pre-wired responses and body’s desire for chemical continuity sometime work against us when we try to change.

I hope to continue to post through the next week on the subject of ligands and peptides and the receptor sites on the surface of our cells, with some brilliant passages from Dr. Candace Pert in her book, The Molecules of Emotion.

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