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That Darn Equal and Opposite Reaction

“The future has no feelings because we haven’t yet experienced it. Rememeber that all our episodic memories are stored ultimately as emotions.
The past has that emotional component, but the future does not. The future has only the sense of adventure we initially started with, but that easily gets lost in the feelings of our body and the memories of the past.
The neurosynaptic self gets homesick, and when this happens, it wants what it can predict and depend on in the next moment. Dreams of a different future usually get smothered by the feelings connected to the feedback loop of the body. When our identitty (which is made of past memories) and the feedback loop of the body reign, we can easily rationalize returning to the known. We think we are making the right choice only because it ‘feels’ like the right choice to make in the moment. This is how we resist change.

All the associations that are connected to change have now insulted the chemical continuity of how our personal identity feels, and the ‘somebody’ who is connected to past memories is absolutely challenged. The old identity that has defined ‘the self’ just wants to return to the familiar, routine circumstances, the normal feelings that define it.
If we give in to these urges, we are making choices only with our body, never with our mind, and we will never change. Our life is then just a mirror of how we feel and how we are wired neurologically.
In order to create any new experiences, we must leave behind the thoughts, memories, and associations of the emotional past.”

~Joe Dispenza

Comment:  The link between our thoughts (hypothalamus, limbic system) and the peptides and neurotransmitters and hormones which communicate with every cell in our bodies (neuroendocrine system) is well documented. We tend to get accustomed to the chemical state in our body created by certain thoughts and emotions, and like any chemical we consistently use, it takes time to stop ourselves from recreating that chemical state. Today’s passage is from the book Evolve Your Brain, by Dr. Joe Dispenza

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